Saturday, 29 March 2014

OnTAP- Making life simple!!

  • Spending too much time in interactions, trying to reach some one, for performing some activity?
  • Finding difficult to catch hold of the right service representative?
  • Still need to reach out to the respective service provider to avail services?
  • Is connecting, during working hours, with the service provider difficult?
  • Is waiting for responses for raised queries/inquires sometimes frustrating?
  • Is getting relevant updates of various aspects, when you want, a tough ask?

OnTAP is a great way of availing services, or any service related information, right on your fingertips. Get your job done, without spending enormous amount of time!

The section below highlights the key activities one needs to perform for availing the service, and puts forth how one can perform the same using OnTAP. Please note that these are generalized steps and may or may not be needed for every scenario or in the same sequence.

Inquiries are conducted via phone or personal visit.Every business may not have their interactive business portal. It is difficult to catch representatives since phone lines are busy.It is not always possible to have all queries sorted at one go.
Invariably the same needs to be carried during office hours.
Personal visits are more time consuming since it involves commute time as well. 

Availing actual service
Quiet often one may need to fill some form to provide the details of the service desired. The same is true for enrolling for a course or volunteer registration or availing any maintenance services.Also there is a possibility of changes that may be crucial but realized later.Many times the service provider can also recommend / suggest few changes.All this is not possible without a personal visit and spending enormous time in the queue.

Service updates
For availing any updates one has to undergo the same rigor as desired for inquiry. Delays or associated updates are rarely informed.This is often the most irritating part along with wastage of time.

Often booking involves submission of various documents and artifacts.One also needs to provide various preferences or any special request they may have.All the documents may not be available but the process needs to be initiated to ensure slot availability.This may involve multiple visits. If appointment needs to be sought then one virtually has to go through all the rigor mentioned in the inquiry section.

Rarely it happens that one is able to get the relevant  information at the right time. SMS updates are not user friendly and hence not appreciated.There is constant bombardment of unwanted or irrelevant information all the time. The user hardly has any control over the same apart from ignoring them.

With OnTAP most of the irritants above are nullified and significant time is saved.Most importantly the activities can be carried after office hours.With automated updates, inquiries can be sought in no time.For availing the services the prerequisites desired can be filled and sent before the actual visit.Service updates would also be available at regular intervals. Various key updates / promotions can be received for items of interest only.

And it is absolutely FREE!!
OnTAP is available on android phones, tablets and other smart devices. Soon it will be available on iOS as well.